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Aw, yay! my art made it into PewDiePie’s last Infamous video. *weep* Thanks Pewds  ;__; there were so many other great ones and some really freaking amazing ones *__* I loved looking through all of them, he should totally make a video montage. So many people do art for him it would probably be 5 hours long. :D  This was a really fantastic game too! I loved watching these. Great story and the game play looks fun as hell, I love Delsin and Betty ;__; Who can NOT love Betty, right? She’s like an awesome grandma…everyone loves grandmas…ANYWAY,I hope he plays through the evil story line too at some point :) 

also this:

You’d think that working in a bakery is all fun and cute and sweetness with cake and baking things with love, but no its stressful as fuck and we all want to kill ourselves and/or other people and set all the cakes in fire so no one can have any cake ever again. Fuck muffins too, those little pieces of shit.

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